The birth of a brew pub: Howell, Michigan

The owner of a restaurant near the freeway connecting Detroit with Lansing, Michigan, had the idea of tapping into the booming market for craft beer.

His two-story, barn-like building was a perfect candidate for the project, but the stainless steel tanks for brewing and the local building department had specific requirements which had to be met before the project could go forward.

We worked with Keith Koch, part-owner and project manager, Tom Block, the master brewer and Jimmi Sukys representing the tank manufacturer to put the package together for permits and inspections.

We fit the tanks, drains and grain delivery station behind a row of windows that beckons to patrons approaching from the parking lot. Another series of large picture windows showing off the brewery decorate the main dining room.

Tim Nichols, architect, Keith Koch, master electrician and project manager, Tom Block, brew master, Jimmi Sukys, technical designer, …