Our Team

Tim Nichols, Principal

I help home and business owners who are struggling with a difficult project, specializing in design and construction problems that no one else can solve. This requires the ability to understand the relationship between client personalities and their architectural and construction needs within the natural environment of the project.

As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” From site selection to building details, this is the philosophy that guides my work. Contemporary technologies enable me to develop the thermal performance and minimize carbon footprint of structures I design and understand their impact on both the environment and society into the future. This is what is meant by sustainable architecture.

I’ve done this all my life. Good relationships are more important than anything else that I have built.

An architectural undergraduate in the 1960’s, I apprenticed with master carpenters and engineers. We built everything from custom homes, to freeway bridges and high-rise buildings.

Later, I founded and operated a design-build firm servicing home owners, business and industry. Today, the focus is architecture. Still, personal connections are the key.

Jesse T. McDonald
Structural and Civil Engineer
Jesse has specialized in the design and construction management of commercial and industrial sites and buildings of all types throughout Michigan and the eastern states of the United States since becoming licensed as a professional engineer in 1956. He has worked with Tim Nichols on many commercial, industrial and residential projects since the early 2000’s playing a key role in the formation of Tim Nichols Architect.

Mark Villegas
Design Team Lead
Mark has 10 years in architecture, sustainability and project management. He has a wide experience including site planning, custom homes, timber framing, office towers, public buildings, renovations and industrial buildings. He received a diploma in architectural technology from Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand,  a Certificate in Construction Management from the City University of New York and a LEED Associate Certificate from the New York Real Estate Institute. He joined Tim Nichols Architect in 2017.

Brendan Leadbeater
Project Architect
Brendan has 9 years experience in architecture, design and sustainability. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, he worked on a number of projects in the South Street Seaport area including hospitality and residential towers. He has done high end residential homes in the Hampton Bays on Long Island, New York and in New Jersey, as well as cultural centers, an art museum, theater and recording studio. He received a Bachelor of Architecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2009 and joined Tim Nichols Architect in 2018.