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Tim Nichols Architect has been helping homeowners solve problems in the Detroit are for over 30 years.

  • From concept to completion
  • Selecting the site, materials, finishes…
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what we do

We can build your dream home from scratch, modernize your existing home, or create fantastic additions to your home under budget and on time. 

Residential Design

We can produce fantastic designs while also considering budgetary, physical, legal, and time constraints.

Custom Projects

Got an extra room and a cool idea? You’re working with an artist who wants to understand your vision.

Interior Design

Work with us to revitalize your home from a totally new design concept, which we can both design or implement based on sketches or conversation.

Exterior Design

Artistically merge your house with surrounding landscape, modernize & stylize its external appearance, and more.

Construction & Repair

We can find or work with your selected construction firm or organize your entire project. Leverage our legal expertise to do it right.

Before & After

What better way to tell our story than with pictures which show how your home can be completely ransformed. Interesting in a before and after of a particular kind of project? Just reach out.

Westchester Residence


Westchester Residence


Planning Your project

Our proven method starts with a consultation and ends with the documents which formalize your creative idea. Using the most advanced 3D modeling tools, we provide the means to visualize your idea becoming a reality before work begins.



We want to understand the inspiration behind your product, not just the dollars and cents. Work directly with a creative, technical expert.



Adept in the latest technologies, our architects plan your project carefully, considering all financial, legal, & physical contraints.



See your idea become a reality as we utilize the latest in 3D visualization technology to show you the ins and outs of your project.



You are the most important member of our team. During or after your presentation, tell us what’s right and what’s a little off before work begins.



Once you are completely satisfied with planning of your project, we get to work producing the necessary legal documentation to ensure regulatory requirements are met.



You own the keys to your project, we always providedocumentation of your project so that you can decide the best way to move forward with your project, and at the right time.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to other clients.. If you’re facing a particular challenge, fine! We may have an applicable project, or a product, for which we already have a tested solution.

Tim is AWESOME SAUCE! The building inspectors in Livonia really had us in a jam and Tim came in and handled everything. I called him right after having a heated talk with the city and Tim was so understanding and had such a soothing spirit he instantly made me feel 10x better. He met us the same day and we never had another bad experience with the city again. We would definitely recommend and hire him again!

Veronique Simmons

Home Owner, Detroit

Tim helped us with a great design and managed the project through completion.

Kevin Donley

Home Business Owner, Southfield

When I was confronted with the fact that my entire home was jeopardized by catastrophic stream-bank erosion, I was devastated. Everyone I called, including leading environmental engineers in the state of Michigan, told me that my house could not be saved. I did not think the problem could be solved until Tim Nichols Architect developed an affordable solution to stabilize the stream bank and permanently reinforce the foundation of my house. Thank you Tim!

Sheila Leburg

Home Owner, Southfield

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