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Tim Nichols Architect has been working with various industries for over 50 years.

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  • Building Design
  • Permitting

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what we do

We can manage any part of your industrial construction project, from site planning through full construction and post-construction inspection.

Site Planning

Intelligent and experienced site planning services to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Building Design

Industry-leading architectural, engineer, and technical design to ensure structural integrity, aesthetics, and environmental robustness.


Precise, error-free permitting ensuring full legal compliance and quick governmental approval from all relevant government agencies.


We can help organize all of the initial components of your project, from identifying constraints to identifying enhancements.

Select Construction Management

Although we are not a construction management company, we know how to select, manage, and hire the right contractors to get the job done.

Project Highlight

Marijuana Factory

The client needed site plan approval quickly for a 20,000 square foot greenhouse in a region of the state which was one of the first areas to authorize industrial production of marijuana in Michigan. They asked Tim Nichols Architect to prepare their site plan and subsequently their building design. Our team worked with the local planning department their consultants and the Hillsdale County Building Department to submit the documents and obtain the approvals rapidly.


Our team met with the client to understand their requirements with the goal of producing the site plan quickly.


Once agreement was made on the site plan, we worked quickly and diligently to develop a design under budget.


Leveraging our decades of experience and building legal expertise, our client received project approval from the county quickly.


Don’t take our word for it, listen to other clients.. If you’re facing a particular challenge, fine! We may have an applicable project, or a product, for which we already have a tested solution.

Tim is AWESOME SAUCE! The building inspectors in Livonia really had us in a jam and Tim came in and handled everything. I called him right after having a heated talk with the city and Tim was so understanding and had such a soothing spirit he instantly made me feel 10x better. He met us the same day and we never had another bad experience with the city again. We would definitely recommend and hire him again!

Veronique Simmons

Home Owner, Detroit

Tim helped us with a great design and managed the project through completion.

Kevin Donley

Home Business Owner, Southfield

When I was confronted with the fact that my entire home was jeopardized by catastrophic stream-bank erosion, I was devastated. Everyone I called, including leading environmental engineers in the state of Michigan, told me that my house could not be saved. I did not think the problem could be solved until Tim Nichols Architect developed an affordable solution to stabilize the stream bank and permanently reinforce the foundation of my house. Thank you Tim!

Sheila Leburg

Home Owner, Southfield

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