We offer architectural consulting on the full range of needs from review of pre-existing and legacy blueprints to examination of the latest CADD and vector-based electronic architectural drawings. We have extensive experience working with government building officials at the city, township, county and state level. We check construction documents for compliance with the building code and statute requirements.


With our architectural programming services, we offer research and decision-making that helps to identify the scope of work to be designed and performed. An often overlooked step in the architectural design process, programming brings the different parties—property owners, contractors and government officials—into the scope of work definition prior to design.


We can develop site plans for new construction in new developments or on existing footprint or complete teardowns on redevelopment on existing property. We will evaluate the existing topography, vehicular and pedestrian patterns and environmental concerns such as storm drainage. We will incorporate all of your needs into a site and simultaneously ensure zoning compliance. that reflects your attention to detail and in which the structure becomes a part of the surroundings. We take the time to work with the municipality and provide a site everyone can be proud of. We use the latest in environmental design techniques, emphasizing low impact in all our site planning projects.


It goes without saying that architectural design is more than laying out a structure onto a piece of property. We begin with the environmental considerations and the esthetic sensibilities of the business or homeowner to ensure that the style and feel of the design is appropriate for both. We then focus on the structural integrity and functional utility of the spaces depending on their purpose. Throughout the process we employ the principles of minimalism in order to reduce complexity while at the same time maintaining elegance and beauty.


MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and managing a structure’s nervous system, i.e. the heating and cooling (Mechanical), the lights and power outlets (Electrical) and water (Plumbing) systems of a building. We offer MEP design with the special skills required in each of these areas. We assist with the design decision making with an eye for the cost of operation as well as construction administration, documentation and maintenance.


We have a team of designers and drafters with a combined six decades of experience creating construction documents. Since these documents serve as the project manual during the construction phase of your project and assist permitting agencies and inspectors from local governments, who have to clear the project, they must be precise and error free. Typically, an architect generates two sets of construction drawings that specify every detail of the final design. One is the construction set that remains on-site throughout the construction process, and the other is the permit set that goes to the local permitting authority, usually a department in the city or county government. Contact Us