I recently met with a customer who asked for an architectural drawing for residential modification. We met for one hour and she explained what she wanted and we discussed it.

I offered to prepare a schematic design of her idea. She accepted and I completed the work within a week. I returned with the schematic which she liked very much.

The conversation then went in another direction. She began introducing elements into the project beyond the scope of our original plans. In other circumstances where requested changes are architecturally sound, I would have had no problem proceeding.

However, in this situation her ideas raised structural problems. I had to tell her no. While this was an uncomfortable moment, I was confident that my judgement was correct.

This illustrates the importance of working with an architect that has the following:

  • a good feel for style and esthetics and
  • the experience to know when a project is heading toward problems

Often, to avoid contradiction, an architect will accept proposals that are not in the client’s best interest. This is a huge mistake.

At Tim Nichols Architect you can be confident that your residential project will be handles with the greatest care and professionalism. We have been in the industry for fifty years and all of our best clients keep coming back.

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